Dog Hoodie Size Guide

Measurements shown in table are of the hoodie. 

Of all the measurements, Chest is the most important to get right. We'd recommend checking this for your pupper by measuring behind their front legs at the largest part.

If you can't find the perfect fit, we'd recommend choosing a custom fit. 

  Neck Chest Length
XSmall 27.5 cm 49.5 cm 31 cm
Small 34 cm 56.5 cm 33 cm
Medium 40 cm 62 cm 35.5 cm
Large 45 cm 68.5 cm 38 cm
XLarge 54.5 cm 75 cm 40 cm
XXLarge 58.5 cm 81 cm 44.5 cm



Please note Custom Fit adjustments can only increase the measurements of a Standard Fit.

For example, we can increase the chest of the Small hoodie to 59.5cm, but we cannot reduce it below 56.5cm (i.e. the standard fit).

Please let us know your custom measurements at check out.

If you are short doggo like Bruce, we can even adjust sleeves to be trim only. Just make a note at check-out if you'd like this.

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or DM on Instagram.



Our Dog Hoodies are hand-made and have been designed with specific features.

They have a relaxed neckline with the hoodie attaching nearer the shoulders, rather than under the chin like a classic hoodie. 

If you own a male pupper you know exactly why our hoodies have a high tuck. This is specifically designed to avoid touching their pee-pee 🍆 and avoid any bathroom accidents on the hoodie 🙈

We have purposely designed the hoodie to be small so it sits and stays on your puppers neck. This is to avoid the hoodie slipping over their head and covering their eyes.  

All hoodies feature name embroidery on the side of the body. Three fonts are available.